Vue 3 inserée motif

Every session the Fashion Area is a real event on the fair.

It is a place to get inspired by the trends of the world of decoration displayed on screens presenting creations from our exhibitors.

INDIGO sketches a portrait of inspirations and directions for spring summer 15

As every edition, alongside the Influences inspirational document made available to buyers at the show, the Indigo fashion team displays the season's inspirations and directions for creative textile and surface designs in the fashion area. This spring summer 15, the major theme is portraits. In realistic, unusual, appealing, mean or funny versions - like so many rich and varied identities and personalities, personalised and unexpected paths and stories.

In the centre of the show, the forum provides a key meeting place to discover the season's directions and themes as illustrated by patterns and developments selected from proposals by exhibiting studios and designers. An ephemeral, light and suspended gallery of portraits presents seasonal inspirations and choices, like a window open onto creativity. The frames fly away and escape, mirrors play on visitors, who become in turn actor and spectator of the season.

Come visit the Indigo Fashion Area and be inspired!