Designed as actual buying guides

... the Pluriel Experts Trails are aimed at helping you conceive your collections, discover new fibre and fabric developments and suppliers, and organise your sourcing throughout the 6 shows that make up Première Vision Pluriel.

Pictos assembling


Bondings, needle-punchings and quiltings are revolutionising fashion! Spot these unlikely couples, beneficial combinations, innovative hybrids and collaborative duos. From fabrics with identical or contrasting faces, to split-personality leathers, reversible knits and specialised fashion manufacturing, explore the full range of surprising double materials at Première Vision Pluriel and invent your own unique innovations!

Knits for men

Knits for Men

Knits in a masculine vein take centre stage at Première Vision Pluriel! While sweaters and polos have long been essential components of menswear, shirts, jackets, trousers and coats are now also indulging in comfort. Knits feature needle and stitch plays, mock weaves, unusual fibres and materials, troubling finishings and expert fastenings. Knits sketch out and sculpt the men's silhouettes of the future. From yarns to finished products - follow the guide!

Download here the general map of the exhibitors participiting in the experts trails